Philip French 

North Sea Texas – review

Bavo Defurne's North Sea Texas is strong on mood and reminiscent of A Taste of Honey, writes Philip French

Well known especially on the gay and lesbian festival circuit for his short movies, Bavo Defurne covers familiar ground affectingly with this story of a few years in the life of the shy, good-looking Pim, a lad in his mid-teens living on the bleakly beautiful Belgian coast near Ostend. He's neglected by his single mother, the blowsy, feckless Yvette, who's more interested in her accordion and fancy men than in her son. As a result, he's drawn into the family of a sympathetic neighbour and falls in love with her son Gino, three years his senior, who convinces himself their liaison is a passing phase. An understated film, strong on mood, a bit reminiscent of Shelagh Delaney's A Taste of Honey.