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Rupert Murdoch launches Twitter broadside against UK government

News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch criticised the decision to lend the IMF £10bn, as well as energy, education and tax policies

Rupert Murdoch has taken to Twitter to make a series of swipes at the government, from plans to lend £10bn in extra funding to the International Monetary Fund and the "pasty tax".

Murdoch tweeted that George Osborne's decision to contribute more funds to the IMF was "mad" and criticised the government's energy, education and tax policies.

The head of News Corp is in London to give evidence at the Leveson inquiry into media standards next week. The inquiry has turned its attention to relationships between the press and politicians and if Murdoch's tweets are anything to go by, it has soured considerably between the 81-year-old and the Conservative party.

Murdoch wrote in one tweet: "Back in Britain. Govt sending IMF another ten bn to the euro. Must be mad. Not even US or China chipping in. Same time taxing hot food."

In another tweet, Murdoch criticised plans to build wind turbines to generate renewable energy: "English spring countryside as beautiful as ever if and when sun appears! About to be wrecked by uneconomic ugly bird killing windmills. Mad."

On the subject of schooling, he called state education in the UK a "crime against the young". "Only one answer, really fix public education and give everyone equal opportunity."

Osborne has been forced to defend his decision to pledge £10bn more to the IMF, which critics have said will be used for more bailouts of the eurozone. The chancellor has insisted the increased funding is vital for protecting jobs and growth in this country, despite criticism of the extra burden on taxpayers.


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