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The Technology newsbucket: Apple profit, Amazon, thin laptops…

Apple's profit share, Amazon's price squash, 10 thin laptops, OU games courses, USB design delight, Palm's (nonexistent?) value, the tablet, and big data breaches

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A quick burst of links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team. Want to send a link our way? Tag it with "guardiantech" on and we'll take a look.

Apple Is In The Middle Of The Pack On Revenue, But Crushing On Operating Profit >> BusinessInsider
Your handy chart showing how Apple has just 7% of the PC market's revenue, but 35% of its operating profit.

An Interview with David Drummond of Google - the Atlantic
Comments from Google's chief legal officer and author of yesterday's Official Google Blog post about the company's new policies in China.

Price Parity - has told its marketplace suppliers that "the item price and total price (total amount payable, excluding taxes) of each product a seller offers on must generally be the same or lower than on the seller's other non-physical sales channels". In sum, no undercutting Amazon online. Sellers probably won't like this, but owns the marketplace...

The 10 Thinnest and Lightest Laptops on The Planet -
Doesn't include netbooks, some less common brands such as MSI's X340 Slim or even the well-known Toshiba Portege range (weight starts at under 1kg) but it's a start....

Digital worlds: designing games, creating alternative realities >> Open University
Feel like getting into games design? Sign up.

Turn one USB port into as many as you like >> Gonglue Jiang
An elegant solution, and a worthy design winner, though people have pointed out that you'd only be able to get up to 127 of these (only 127 USB devices on a port) and that the voltage wouldn't power more than 5. Even so, neat.

Who will buy Palm? >> Monday Note
Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple Mac head, founder of Be. Inc: "in one day, this past Friday March 19th, Palm shares collapsed, -29% in one Nasdaq session, closing at $4. The obvious question is why [did it fall]? But a second query immediately comes up: why $4, why not zero?"

How the Tablet Will Change the World >>Wired Magazine
Steven Levy suggests that the iPad is going to make us use micropayments... though then links that to credit cards. Hmm. It's more interesting on how Microsoft's tablet forms haven't broken through. At all.

The 15 Most Massive Data Breaches in History
A great list not dominated by UK government, though there is room for the 25 Million Child Benefit Records Missing From HM Revenue and Customs

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