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Google shows off its answer to iPhone: Android

Google shows off the iPhone. I mean Android.

Google showed off the latest prototype of Android, its mobile phone platform. The last time I saw anything about Android, the hardware definitely looked just out of the lab. At CES earlier this year, Vincent Nguyen at Android Community said that the search giant asked people to "keep an open mind and instead concentrate on the OS' potential". Vincent says that the new prototype could easily be mistaken for a production model. Here's one of the videos Vincent captured at the demostration:

Is Google's answer to the iPhone a little too close to the iPhone? It definitely shares a lot with the iPhone as Charlie Sorrel at Wired pointed out including "Glass and chrome, a touch screen, a Webkit based browser, multiple desktops switched by sliding a finger across the screen and a four-icon dock for favorites."

In some ways, this reminds me of tech after the original iMac launched; everything turned Bondi blue for a while. Now, every handset company now seems to be developing touch interfaces that bear an eerie resemblance to the iPhone. Will the iPhone feel all that distinctive by the end of the year?

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